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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Jun 1, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Perhaps you've attained that dream job, but for some reason, it just doesn't seem to be everything that you thought it would be.  Maybe you're feeling stuck and you'd just like to hear a little something that might help you move past that hopeless feeling.

Enter our next wonderful interview conversation with Cooper and author, CEO and coach, Ruth Kudzi. As the author of the book, 'Is This It? A Smart Woman's Guide to Finding Work You Love,' Ruth believes that being fearless in the face of the unknown is about harnessing resilience, and in this podcast, Ruth shares ways that listeners can dig into their own power to find their 'sweet but fearless' road map for the way ahead.

More about Ruth:

Ruth Kudzi is a MCC accredited and award-winning coach, coach trainer, business mentor, speaker and best-selling author.

She is the CEO of two successful companies: A coaching and mentoring business helping entrepreneurs build and develop their businesses and a coach training school which helps people to train as certified coaches and develop their coaching skills.

She combines her background in sales and school leadership and education with over 25 years of study of Psychology and Neuroscience including MA in Psychology & Education, BA in Psychology & Management, PGCERT in Coaching (Psychology), PGCE in Business Education and numerous coaching qualifications including diplomas in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, NLP, Performance Coaching and Business Coaching. She is a DISC L3 accredited trainer, a Spiral Energy Coach and is working towards her NLP Master Practitioner.

Her coaching business is well regarded and successful and she has been featured in The Guardian, Vogue, Psychologies, Good Housekeeping, ITV, Women & Home Times Radio, spoken at NatWest, UCL, Allbright and General Assembly.

She is passionate about evidence-based approaches to coaching and personal development and helping people integrate their learning so they can live purposeful lives and run successful businesses.

Here is the link to Ruth's book:

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