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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

May 25, 2021

Cooper, Gale and Mary are together talking about the one part of the "art" of leadership. What does it take to get to the next level in leadership? It's often the softer side of leadership skills.

With fewer promotions and pay raises coming towards us ladies in the workforce, we have to be thoughtful of how to...

May 18, 2021

Dr. Alaina Szlachta is an entrepreneur with a deep understanding of education, adult learning and professional development. In her own experiences, she enjoyed a series of "mini-journeys." Magical moments were born from pushing herself to difficult ends, and Mary chats with her about how she challenged herself to new...

May 11, 2021

Cooper and Gale talk about the special ingredient that propels people further to success. Self-awareness is not only critical for your personal progress, but for your professional progress as well. By being self-aware you’ll know your strengths, your weaknesses, how others view you, and make you a better leader.  

May 4, 2021

Reinvention Specialist, Patricia (Tricia) Call, shares with us why it is necessary to "Change it Up" when try to work on ourselves. Changing roles can be stressful. Tricia is an expert with identification of barriers that may be holding us back.... and she has a method to help us reinvent. She speaks of her passion...