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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Mar 16, 2021

Nikki Malcom has found a way to Awaken her Fierce Power. She's a connector, a life coach, a sales coach and much more. Mary chats with her about almost dying multiple times and wanting to live life full out.

Nikki grew up in a house where my parents had a toxic abusive relationship until they moved to Washington when she was 11. Nikki dropped out of high school at 15 and unfortunately got into an abusive relationship, going right into marriage and then divorce by the time she was 18.

Then she hit a turning point in her life. She entered the aerospace industry via a temp agency and LOVED it. She worked my way up the ladder and changed companies a few times. She found the right partner and married her husband and has been happily married for almost 18 years! She joined the board for the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance almost 5 years ago and is now serving as the board chair in her 3rd year. In October of 2020, she decided to create her own business which is part life coaching, sales coaching and independent sales rep for a few aerospace companies.

Nikki is launching her first course, entitled the same as this podcast, "From Burned Out to Fired Up, How to Awaken Your Fierce Power" on March 20th. Enjoy Nikki's magnetic personality as she shares parts of her story in her own Fearless way. Her website is

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