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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

Andrea Dora Smith has lived the true life of an artist, from working hard to earn gigs as “talent” to making a name for herself on Broadway! Andrea talks about how she defines herself, how she was inspired to help others which led her to multiple streams of income and a career transformation which includes entrepreneurship. AND…. We have a special bonus at the end, where Andrea will showcase her beautiful voice.

To share more information about Andrea, here is a brief bio:

Andrea Dora Smith is from Kansas City Missouri. She began her career as a Broadway and regional theatre performer. Her last Broadway show was Motown the Musical on Broadway where Andrea originated her role. At the same time Andrea pursued establishing her wedding band, The Hudson Project which traveled the world performing at private events and weddings. Andrea soon discovered that her passion for Broadway transitioned into a passion for live events and weddings and she formed The Band Method. The Band Method is a collective of bands, DJ's and small musical groups. Andrea loves donating her time to attending speaking engagements as a Planned Parenthood spokesperson and she has donated her time and music services to Change For Kids, a program in New York City helping create activities within the inner city school system for underprivileged children. Andrea is a Mother and Wife and enjoys spending quality time hiking with her family.

For a long time Andrea was "the talent", she followed directions and worked hard as a theatre performer to find out that her position was always expendable and gave her no security. Andrea wanted to take her life into her own hands and decided she would start her own business but the first step was the hardest, simply convincing herself that she could do it. She aligned herself with supportive friends and family and didn't focus on every detail at the beginning- instead she took one day at a time, one goal at a time. Being a woman of color, Andrea wasn't given the same opportunities as her counterparts and she is one of a few minority woman owned event and wedding entertainment business owners but that hasn't stopped her. Andrea has moved at her own speed, networking and growing her business but not forgetting the main focus, supporting other musicians and artists. Andrea has proved that when you work for your passion and are able to do that while helping others succeed that there is nowhere to go but up!

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