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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Dec 19, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Barbara Provost, Founder of Purse Strings LLC. Dr. Provost shares her journey of taking her passion for making women financially fearless and creating her company, Purse Strings LLC. Purse Strings' mission is to provide straightforward financial advice and an available-for-hire network of vetted professionals who specialize in servicing women.

What to Listen For
A career journey: pivots and opportunities – 3:05
Purse Strings mission - 6:15
Financial obstacles women face - 11:30
Purse Stings and women’s financial needs - 12:45
Take the lead on your personal financial decisions - 18:00
Pivoting to being an entrepreneur - 22:15
Passion for making women financially fearless - 24:55
Advice to fearless women leaders - 26:36

Resources mentioned in the podcast
Facebook Group:  Purse Strings for Financially Fearless Women
Twitter: @pursestringsco
Instagram: pursestringsco
Pinterest: PurseStringsCo
LinkedIn: Purse Strings
Podcast: Women and Money: The Shit We Don’t Talk About

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