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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Nov 6, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Alyssa Gioscia, a Human Performance Strategist, Executive Coach, and Organizational Consultant. Alyssa shares with us how we need to lean into discomfort to make us better leaders, the benefit of celebrating the small wins along the way to celebrating the big win, and stopping the negativity of the comparison game.

Alyssa Gioscia is a certified Executive Coach and Talent & Development professional with a passion for guiding people toward bringing their dreams to life and accomplishing things they didn’t think possible. She is passionate about getting to the heart of people’s stories and partnering with them to produce powerful legacies.   

What to Listen For
Alyssa’s “Why” – 2:50
Lean into the discomfort - 3:50
Celebrating the small wins - 5:07
Stop with the comparison game - 6:50
Alyssa’s Fearless Moment - 7:45
Career Pivot - 10:52
Breaking up with your employer - 13:46
Tips for career struggles - 14:30
Show up and Take Space - 16:45
Don’t wait to be asked -19:30
Vision Casting - 21:40
What to look for in a mentor - 22:55
Advice to get to the next career step - 25:40

Resources mentioned in the podcast
Alyssa Gioscia – website
Alyssa Gioscia - LinkedIn Profile

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