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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

May 8, 2023

In this episode of Sweet but Fearless, co-founders Mary Sullivan and Cooper Alexander talk about the three power structures at work: Position, Relationship, and Expert power. When thinking of “power” at work, the most traditional one most immediately think of is Position power, the power that arises from one’s formal authority and control within an origination. Relationship power, on the other hand, stems from the trust and influence one cultivates with colleagues, while Expert power derives from one’s specialized knowledge or skills.

As you progress in your leadership role, understanding these powers can serve as a guiding principle and framework in developing and honing your own power skills. Take notes as Mary and Cooper delve into each power structure and provide tips on how to master each.  

Resources mentioned in the podcast
“There are 3 Types of Power at Work. Here’s How to Build Them All,” Shanna Hocking, Fast Company

“The Three Kinds of Organizational Power,” Jacob Kaplan-Moss.,power%2C%20relationships%2C%20and%20expertise.

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