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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Jun 21, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Jessica Hildebrand, a Clean Beauty Consultant and Meditation Guide. Jessica’s passion is in helping individuals live more consciously, both physically and emotionally. Leaving her corporate life behind, Jessica created a couple of side hustles that focused her life on living with intentional joy. Listen as she shares her journey and wise words as she discovered how to become CEO of her life. Whether you work in the corporate environment or looking to become your own boss, get off the sidelines and start living a life that you create.

What to Listen For

  • Jessica’s story – 1:50
  • Figuring it out – 3:10
  • Servicing through Meditation – 4:30
  • Jessica’s side hustle – 5:55
  • Tips on starting a side hustle – 8:30
  • Keep Calm and Meditate – 12:05
  • How to start? - 14:45
  • The Preppy Yogi - 17:41
  • Mind & Soul – 19:30
  • Making the decision/What are you looking for - 21:25
  • Jessica’s 3 Top Tips - 25:05

Resources from this Episode

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