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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

May 23, 2022

In this episode, we talk about leadership listening skills and how to actively listen to those around you. As a frontline leader you need to understand the needs of your team, company, and clients. According to Fast Company, “High-quality listening is an underrated ability. How well and frequently you listen to others is a better predictor of your leadership potential than your actual intelligence or personally." We need to remember; hearing and listening are NOT the same. Today, we’ll discuss the 5-levels of listening and how you can apply them in the workplace.

What to Listen For

  • First level: Ignoring – 3:18
  • Second level: Pretending aka Half-Ass Listening – 6:07
  • Third level: Selective Listening – 8:30
  • Fourth level: Attentive – 10:33
  • Fifth level: Empathetic – 14:300
  • Tips on being a better leader – 24:29
  • Wrap-Up – 30:20

Resources from this Episode

How to Become a Better Listener, According to Science,” By Tomas Chamorrow-Premuzic, Fast Company

Did you know, that as a leader, self-awareness is a critical quality?
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