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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Apr 20, 2022

We continue our two-part series with Lisa Sanchez and Lori Gentles, co-founders of the Positive Platform, Lifting, and Living. In this episode, they break down how powerful your power of choice is and should be in your life. 

It is up to the individual to dig deep within their soul and within their spirit to find the strength to hold on even when hearing negative thoughts and feedback. Even if it's one message to help lead them along the path, to success, whatever success means for you. 

You could be the first generation college grad to go on and achieve an undergraduate degree and two advanced degrees, a master's in counseling and a master's in business administration and have been successful in climbing the ladder as Lori Gentles was able to achieve. 

Lori Gentles shares how she really observed and watched others, she believed that there had to be something different. Even if she wasn't getting that positive message at home, she was observing those positive messages at school and at work. 

The tip is to make that part of your drive when you see something, that you don't automatically discount yourself and say that's not for me. If you want it to go for it. 

Please listen to Lisa and Lori as they share their personal stories along with tactics for making that change for the better. 

To learn more:


Explore Reshape Ignite. A virtual Masterclass. Saturday, April 30th.


"Oh SLAP! My Choices Determine My Destiny," the #1 Guide to making better decisions and living a self-empowered life by Lori Gentles.

"Looking for Love in a Garbage Can: A Journey of Healing. How I Survived an Alcoholic Environment," by Lisa M. Sanchez.