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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Apr 20, 2022

In this special podcast Mary Sullivan talks with Lisa Sanchez and Lori Gentles, co-founders of the Positive Platform, Lifting and Living about their journey to creating their positive platform.

They established their company in 2021. Lisa and Lori leveraged their experiences, talent as authors, life coaches, and HR practitioners. They co-founded their company to provide educational programs, to inspire and empower HR practitioners, women, and girls, to live their best and most fulfilled lives through self-empowerment and self-leadership skills.

They share how they didn't always hear the most positive messages. In fact, they heard a lot of negative messages about their abilities. You know, things like you're stupid, or you're never going to have any friends, things that can really destroy a child during their formative years. 

As they launched their career in HR, they saw how those negative words can impact people when they go into the workplace. Their focus on helping individuals reflect on their journey, and see the positive future, is what they share with us today. 

Please listen to Lisa and Lori as they share their personal stories along with tactics to implement immediately for making that change for the better. 

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Explore Reshape Ignite. A virtual Masterclass. Saturday, April 30th.


"Oh SLAP! My Choices Determine My Destiny," the #1 Guide to making better decisions and living a self-empowered life by Lori Gentles.

"Looking for Love in a Garbage Can: A Journey of Healing. How I Survived an Alcoholic Environment," by Lisa M. Sanchez.