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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Apr 11, 2022

Bridget Braney, consultant and retired educator, gives us her insights into how frontline leaders can really help inspire and uplift other leaders and teach them a coaching process to build a cohesive team. From the honeymoon period, where individual team members are especially polite to each other, through the “storming” process where individuals are getting to know each other and conflicts are vocalized and infighting can happen to the normalizing stage, where the individuals have learned how to communicate with one another and resolve conflict among themselves. And then the final stage, where the team has come together and humming along in harmony, being incredibly productive and fully engaged.

But then, the team changes, someone gets promoted, someone moves to another team, whatever happens, the team dynamics have changed, and you find yourself back to square one pretty much. And you may be jumping, you know, immediately from stage one to stage two, to stage three, and then take a while to get to stage four.

If you’re finding your team in any one of the stages, this is the podcast for you! Bridget offers sage advice that will accelerate your team into a high-performing, highly engaged team.

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