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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Mar 14, 2022

You’re good at your job, you’re conscientious, deadline-oriented, you get shit done. Your annual review is coming up in 2-3 months and you’re feeling like it’s time for a promotion. 

But what have you done to make yourself more promotable? It takes more than just logging in your hours and doing your job well. You’ve got to make sure what you do and how you do it is being seen by the people who make the promotion decision.

Think about the people you manage. When you’re looking to promote, you need more than, “well, I like them, they’re nice, they do their job, and they show up to work every day.” All factors that make for a solid employee. But a promotable employee? When you look to promote an employee, what factors do you see as crucial? Well, your boss is having the same thoughts about their direct reports – that means you. And if you’re in a remote work environment, that can add an extra hurdle to overcome.

So what factors make you more promotable? We give you a top 10 list of things you can do to make you more promotable.