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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Jan 10, 2022

Virtual onboarding can end up being a bad experience for new hires IF the process isn't handled with the right intent and careful planning. Designing a great virtual onboarding experience requires careful thought, feedback, and communication.

Mary, Cooper, and Gale reflect upon their careers as part of the onboarding journey. They discuss virtual onboarding from a leader and employee perspective. You will hear success stories, how to make the honeymoon period the best ever, and set new hires up for a long-term healthy working relationship. You will also hear what not to do, and how to recognize signs from employees, who are not feeling welcome and included.

There is a long-term impact that can be positive or negative, based on the onboarding experience at your company. As a front-line leader, it is imperative that you create a positive experience that reflects the needs of the employee as well as the company.

In this podcast episode, we share 6 tips on what to do to ensure the honeymoon has many more anniversaries to celebrate!