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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Dec 7, 2021

In this episode, Cooper and Mary discuss how to frame an inclusive decision-making process, and extract the best outcomes. We share why it is important to make better decisions by having a greater sense of self, learning from experiences, bringing your best, and increasing your confidence to showcase yourself as a trusted leader.  When faced with a tough decision it’s common to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, pressured, confused, distracted, and exhausted.

Because indecision can have a negative impact on how you’re feeling, it’s important to learn strategies for making positive decisions in tough situations. While you may not be able to guarantee the outcome of a decision before you make it, at least you can know you put a lot of careful thought into it.

Listen to our recommended 8 decision-making steps.

1) Don't let stress get the better of you
2) When possible, take your time
3) Pros and cons
4) Goals and values
5) Consider possibilities
6) Talk it out
7) Keep documentation
8) Communication plan 

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