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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Nov 16, 2021

In this episode, Cooper and Mary share suggestions for how you can open the mental health discussions at work and how you as a leader can respond. Now, having discussions about your mental health is becoming more mainstream and more accepted. The conversation is coming out of the shadows and we are learning so much because of it. Our goal with this podcast is to shed some light, begin a discussion, and help you with some tips on how to talk about mental health at work, and also how to listen when others share their needs with you.

Mental health discussions can fall into a vicious cycle, unless people talk about it at work, and believe they have a safe space to share their feelings. The stigma can be diminished and we can break this cycle if we have addressed this issue proactively, strategically, and thoughtfully. We believe that most of us compartmentalize our feelings. When tragedy happens, we tell ourselves to grieve a bit and move on and we don't get the help we need, specifically the professional help that we need. Not everyone is fortunate to have a partner, spouse,  or someone who is willing to listen and guide them.  

We offer questions you can ask to gauge the room and understand mental health better. 

Please visit these mental health links for further information: 
National Institute of Mental Health
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