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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Sep 19, 2021

Often when we talk about career, being an entrepreneur can be an option.  In fact, many of the entrepreneurial choices may be a variation of what you are already doing.  For Ty McGilberry, CEO and Managing Partner of his own firm, this was the case.  Is being an entrepreneur in your future?  Hear about Ty’s journey as he moved from employee to entrepreneur! 

Born in Philadelphia, Ty grew up in Yeadon, and has lived in the greater Philadelphia area the majority of his life. He graduated from Monsignor Bonner High School in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. After high school he received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Pennsylvania State University both in Business Administration.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, Ty worked at the mutual fund giant Vanguard for over 10 years. During his time at Vanguard, he served and educated the individual investor, retirement plan sponsors and participants, and financial advisor markets. In his various roles, Ty focused on teaching investors how to manage and understand portfolio costs and fees as it relates to being able to reach investment goals.

After leaving Vanguard, Ty launched his practice as a financial advisor. He built on his foundation of investment knowledge from Vanguard by adding in the comprehensive financial planning process that puts the client first and foremost. Ty serves a very diverse clientele by offering each client a plan uniquely crafted to meet their goals and objectives. After building his practice, in 2017 Ty created Pegasus Financial Planning.  His vision was to create a firm where advisors worked together to focus on educating and serving their client while following the fiduciary standard.

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