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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Sep 6, 2021

Landing your dream job may seem like an impossibility.  There are unseen obstacles that can inspire fear.  The job landscape and interviewing processes are evolving as the world evolves. Super Julie (SJ) Braun and her company Super Purposes mentor people to navigate this complex landscape and win the job.  Join Cooper and Mary as they talk with SJ about a recipe for succeeding in the career search.

Super Julie Braun, also known as SJ, is the CEO and founder of Super Purposes™. After having highly successful professions in corporate America, SJ found her calling in helping millions of people grow and attain the careers of their dreams. With decades of experience as a career coach and remote expert, SJ has been educating people through hundreds of interviews on radio, podcasts, and live broadcasts. Her quirky sense of humor, step-by-step recipes, and memorable storytelling is what sets her apart. “Everyone deserves to have the career they desire.”

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