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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

Have you ever felt under-utilized in your job?  That happened to Dr. Nicole Tschierske and the experience inspired her to hire a coach. That career coach inspired her to find ways to try new things and ultimately she wanted to offer the same experience to others which then led to her own coaching career. 

Dr. Nicole firmly believes that having a thought partner, talking through challenges and brainstorming with others can make a difference.  She helps people to reduce what sucks your energy and then find ways to get into the zone by having a sense of purpose.

Nicole holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and a number of certifications in coaching and Positive Psychology. She uses all that knowledge and her analytical skills to help her clients create strategic plans that are easy to put into action. 

Dr. Nicole helps women in science and tech become recognized go-to experts in their company. If you want to progress without burning out, Nicole can help you develop your professional and leadership skills so you gain the respect of your colleagues and senior management, enjoy the work you do, and feel proud of your achievements. That way, you can confidently unlock new opportunities for yourself and make a bigger impact.

To learn more about Dr. Nicole and what she offers, please visit her website at

When asked about if she recommends any books, she shared this gem: 

A Dog's Purpose: A Novel For Humans


** We apologize for the echo in the podcast.  Dr. Nicole was in Germany during our conversation and unfortunately our technology gifted us with an echo in the tape. 

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