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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

May 18, 2021

Dr. Alaina Szlachta is an entrepreneur with a deep understanding of education, adult learning and professional development. In her own experiences, she enjoyed a series of "mini-journeys." Magical moments were born from pushing herself to difficult ends, and Mary chats with her about how she challenged herself to new and different pursuits time and again.

Here is a bit more about Dr. Alaina....

"After working in the rigorous worlds of academic research, interdisciplinary teaching and corporate training, I realized there was a better way to curate education, learning, and professional development.

I believe education exists to insight change, and there is not enough educational programming that actually changes behavior in a positive way. I am devoting the skills I’ve acquired as a doctor of education, former professional competitive public speaker, teacher of higher education, corporate trainer, instructional designer, program manager, and researcher to help entrepreneurs share their unique gifts and expertise - through learning. I am committed to changing the way we all experience learning!

My unique gift is “developing something from nothing,” generating new strategic learning solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I have proudly served industry experts in higher education, diversity and inclusion, finance, victim services, real estate, healthcare, and software development."

You can learn more about here and her company BY DESIGN DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS here especially if you are looking for help transforming your accomplishments or your own success blueprint into a repeatable educational process!

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