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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

May 4, 2021

Reinvention Specialist, Patricia (Tricia) Call, shares with us why it is necessary to "Change it Up" when try to work on ourselves. Changing roles can be stressful. Tricia is an expert with identification of barriers that may be holding us back.... and she has a method to help us reinvent. She speaks of her passion for a look at your entire life and being. Discussing this with Mary and Cooper, they also talk about the Glass Ceiling and the Gray Ceiling and what it may take to break through.

Tricia is launching her new Change It Up 5 Day Transformation Challenge which inspires action if you find yourself seeking that opportunity to reinvent yourself!

Here's a bit more about Tricia.... Tricia Call grew up in Northern Utah on a dairy farm with purebred Jersey cows – she was her father’s hay-hauling buddy before she was 4 years old – she drove the tractor in first gear by standing up to the steering wheel and guiding it between the rows of bails while her dad loaded the wagon.

She started playing the piano by ear when she was 4, figuring out to play the songs on the radio or television. By the time she was in college, she was in a rock band, singing in a faith-based choir. She


worked her way through college, both in her band, and as a secretary in the electrical engineering and space sciences departments on campus. During her last year of school, she met her husband Kelly in the faith-based singing group. Eventually he began a holistic healing practice as a rehab massage therapist.

Tricia traversed the career field from secondary education to printing to journalism and ad sales, to public relations and sales. Sales led her to hire her first coach. She’s passionate about helping people find their personal pivot to financial security, fabulous relationships and extraordinary health – not in that order.

A summary of her life lessons:

"I learned all sorts of lessons about work, life and death, prayer, adversity, alcoholism, trauma, and that was the life school God put me into in order to grow into the work I’m doing now in helping women take on adversity and become alchemists – changing lead to gold; a layoff into a step up or into a dream career; a divorce into a fantastic relationship with oneself first, then you’ll have the capacity to allow others to be and grow into people that they love as well. Adversity alchemy is contagious!

I saw the flaws in the imbalance and conflict in the idea that “only one wears the pants”. I saw marriage as a partnership. And before I accepted a marriage proposal, I had to know he would see it that way too.

Figuring out things on your own is one way to get things done – but if you want proficiency, you get a teacher – a coach – an expert in teaching you HOW to practice as well as how to advance your skills.

The best time to deal with a crisis is BEFORE the crisis. Why do we wait until we go off the cliff of a layoff, of a divorce, of a death, to build exit ramps that allow us to process these challenges through preparation? Why does it take us being pummeled before we find that internal “I WANT TO LIVE!” switch? I would love nothing better than to be working with women before the crisis to find their come back. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today!” So if you haven’t worked to build an exit ramp and you find yourself in freefall, take the risk you’re scared to take and let’s work together!"

Join Tricia's 5 Day Change it Up Challenge here!

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