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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Michelle P. Wimes, Sr. VP/Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer, Children’s Mercy Hospital. Michelle is a strategic leader who is deft at implementing change management strategies necessary for a comprehensive and effective diversity and inclusion and professional development program.

In our conversation, Michelle talks about how being open to new opportunities early in her career allowed her to challenge herself and own her success. Her advice is to have a growth mindset and understand your style of leadership. By being self-aware and owning your strengths and weaknesses, you can learn to be a great leader through empathy, elevating others, and being humble.

Make sure to take notes as Michelle shares her stories and provides words of wisdom to our front-line leaders. One of our favorites is to surround yourself with the resources you need to accelerate your career. Our advice – listen and then listen again and take notes.

What to Listen For
Early Career, Imposter Syndrome, and Pivoting - 3:15
Be Open to New Opportunities - 6:30
Invest in Yourself – 9:05
What Can You Be Doing to Hone Your Leadership - 10:15
Leadership and You – 12:00
Empathy Makes Great Leaders - 14:24
Getting Out of A Rut - 17:10
Negative Self-Talk - 18:20
Receiving Feedback - 20:12
Sponsors and Mentors - 22:15
Advice to Female Front-Line Leaders - 27:53
Own Your Success - 32:50

Resources mentioned in the podcast
Michelle P. Wimes – LinkedIn Profile -


Michelle has been recognized for her many professional contributions. In 2021, the Kansas City Business Journal recognized her as one of 24 local “Women Who Mean Business.” In 202, she was awarded the Sly James Diversity and Inclusion Award given to members of the Kansas City area legal community for their contributions to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. In 2018, she received Missouri Lawyer Media’s inaugural diversity and inclusion award honoring 20 state-wide individuals and organizations “for significantly advancing diversity, inclusion and dignity of all people in Missouri’s legal profession.” In 2015, Ingram’s Magazine honored her as one of the “50 Missourians You Should Know.

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