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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Sep 26, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Sade C. van Wijk, President and CEO of van Wijk, LLC, and van Wijk Consulting & Advisory, about her career journey and experiences, how she maximized lessons learned along the way, and how we should never let others define us or our career.

During her career, Sade has led multiple complex projects, programs, services, teams, and workstreams. She is known for her strategic and creative thinking, prompt and high-quality delivery, and building effective and inclusive teams. Sade manages each opportunity with tact and pride and truly is invested in the success of the person, team, and company.

Sade is an active member of SHRM, Mom in Balance, and the Management Leadership for Tomorrow organization.  

What to Listen For

Sade’s career journey in finance - 3:28
Be a sponge of knowledge - 6:04
Be recession-proof - 7:05
Think outside the role - 8:00
Her time at Uber -13:05
The three types of Mentors you need to have - 19:10
Overcoming a derailment - 25:50
Be true to yourself - 29:45
Weekly reflections/Lesson learned - 32:10
Don’t let others define you - 34:10

Resources mentioned in the podcast

Sade C. van Wijk
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