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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Siabhan May-Washington, President at St. Teresa’s Academy, and Dr. Joan Caulfield, CEO and President of The Brain, Inc, as they talk about the strategies behind the 3 T’s: Thinking, Technology, and Teaming. Their book, Optimizing Learning: Thinking Skills, Technology, Teaming, looks to help not only teachers and students in thinking more critically but anyone looking to learn and grow. By understanding how to implement goals and strategies, you can create an outcome aligned with your curiosity and passion.

What to Listen For
The Why – 3:30
Strategies of the 3 T’s - 5:30
Why now? – 6:05
Today’s learners and technology - 8:26
Technology and teachers - 12:30
Immersive teaching - 14:30
e-Cyber Mission problem-solving – 15:30
The Learning Pyramid - 17:13
Peer learning - 21:23
Tools of the future – 25:40

Resources mentioned in the podcast
Dr. Siabhan May-Washington
Dr. Joan Caulfield

Book Optimizing Learning: Thinking Skills, Technology, Teaming with Joan Caulfield, Siabhan May-Washington, Wayne Jennings 

Book Inciting Learning by Joan Caulfield, Wayne Jennings

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