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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Aug 1, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Rachel Man, the Founder of WemanConnect. Born and raised in the Netherlands, with family roots from Hong Kong, she grew up in a western society, and one of the most liberal countries in the world. This provided her with the mindset of equality and freedom compared to her mother, although they have the same gender and racial background. She strongly believes that one’s choices in life shouldn’t depend on where you were born or what your race, gender, and or age is and is therefore dedicating her business to creating an equitable society and giving purpose to people's work. The art of making ‘anything possible’ is the core driving force of her mission.

Listen to Rachel’s story in defining her success and how you can take her lessons to define your own success!

What to Listen For

  • Rachel’s Story – 2:55
  • Mission to Build an Includable Society – 5:40
  • How Rachel Navigated Her Career – 8:05
  • Confidence & Self Belief – 10:20
  • I Can Achieve – 12:40
  • How to Get the Skills You Need – 14:55
  • Interviewing at Goldman Sachs is Like Speed Dating – 16:00
  • Giving Back Through Free Coding Bootcamps – 18:30
  • Doubts & Mindset – 20:02
  • Define Your Own Success – 20:58
  • WemanConnect - 23:10

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Rachel Man - LinkedIn Profile

WemanConnect – Make a Profit and Help Forward
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