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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Aug 15, 2022

In this episode, Mary and Cooper celebrate the 100th episode of the Sweet but Fearless podcast. Since we began our podcast in October 2020, we've focused on what it means to be a fearless woman leader and how to accelerate and celebrate your success. We wanted to create a community of where we could raise the tide to lift all boats and provide engaging and sound insights.

From our membership to our e-book on Self-Awareness to our worksheets and white papers, Sweet but Fearless is here for you!

Here's to our next 100 episodes!

What to Listen For:
     In the Beginning - 2:00
     Failing Forward - 3:40
     Who Are These Women - 7:00
     The Early Podcasts; Stop Being a Perfectionist - 9:30
     Celebrate Successes - 11:00
     We Love our Guests! - 13:45
     What's Next - 19:30
     Members Success Stories - 24:00
     Until Next Time Fearless Nation - 26:00

Guests Mentioned
Martha Pelligron - Episode #77
Nikki Malcom - Episode #24
Angie Herman - Episode #64
Bron Williams - Episode #99
Andrea Dora Smith - Episode #21
Kaila York - Episode #26
Marketa Swaby - Episode #61   
Bonnie Habyen - Episode #60

We've had over 50 guests. Each generously giving their time and talking about their journey, their ups and downs, their challenges, and their successes. Be sure to check them ALL out!!

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