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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Aug 22, 2022

In this episode, we talk with bestselling author Rachel Linden. Rachel started her career as an international worker with a faith-based aid organization, and her experiences living and traveling in more than fifty countries around the globe continue to provide excellent grist for her stories. She loves writing novels that combine so many of her favorite things – strong women facing big challenges, food, travel, and second chances at love. Rachel enjoys crafting bittersweet stories of struggles and triumphs infused with a touch of magical realism and ultimately happy, or at least very hopeful, endings.


Author of bestselling novels:
The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie
The Enlightenment of Bees
Becoming the Talbot Sisters
Ascension of Larks

What to Listen For

Rachel’s Story – 4:00
How She Balances Her Work/Life – 6:00
You Can Do It All. You Just Can’t Do It All At Once - 7:10
“Batching” Your Day – 8:26
Strong Women Who Inspired - 11:30
Her Community of Inspiration - 13:50
Writing as a Business - 16:40
Putting Your Team Together - 19:00
Mentors Accelerate Your Journey - 20:45
Spirit of Generosity - 23:15
The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie - 23:50
Hallmark Movie - 26:15
Tenacity, Learning Attitude, Relational Connections – 27:05
Story Ideas - 28:50
Advice to Authors - 31:00
The Future – 33:00

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Rachel Linden - Website
Rachel's 2022 Book Tour
Instagram: @rachellinden_writer
Facebook: @authorRachellinden

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Marie Bostwick - Website
Susan Meissner - Website

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