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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Jan 16, 2023

In this episode, we talk with Nwaka Isamah, Sr. Human Capital Consultant at Deloitte. Nwaka shares with us how family influenced her multi-layered career journey and her path to becoming a consultant and recognizing that working with an organization that aligned with her priorities was pivotal in her career decisions. If you’re looking to become a more inclusive and informed leader, Nwaka’s words of wisdom are for you, especially about making time for yourself and having fun.

What to Listen For
Multifaceted career journey - 2:20
Why Consulting? - 6:05
What are non-Negotiables - 9:00
Family influence - 11:20
The value of education – 13:05
The OneTen Coalition - 14:15
Become a more informed Leader - 19:00
Overcoming challenges - 22:45
Mentors - 26:40
Words of Wisdom – 30:00

Resources mentioned in the podcast
LinkedIn - Nwaka Isamah 
Website - Nwaka Isamah
OneTen Coalition -
Deloitte: "Making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Real: Focus on the frontlines,"

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