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Sweet but Fearless Podcast

Jan 23, 2023

This week, we talk with Professional Coach and Speaker, Helene Cho about the many advantages to being an introvert at work. While most people consider introversion to be a disadvantage, introverts have a unique set of skills that make them invaluable in the work world.

What to Listen For
Introverts and Extraverts – 2:30
An Introverts Superpower – 3:20
“What else is new with you?” - 4:30
Understanding each other’s space – 8:30
What energizes your soul? - 12:15
How to lead an introvert - 14:00
Interviewing and introverts - 17:45
Introverts at work – 20:52
Introverts and job layoffs - 24:15

Resources mentioned in the podcast
Helene Cho – LinkedIn

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